Letters to La Trobe: J Woodman, 19 September 1840

Mar 15, 2016, 02:27 AM

Delicate hand written 19th Century letters sent to Charles Joseph La Trobe are now available online for the very first time, providing a snapshot into the lives of early Victorians. Visit prov.vic.gov.au to research the records.

Transcript of this letter: To His Honour The Governor, The writer of this most respectfully begs to inform His Honour that he has lately arrived from England in the Theresa together with his wife and 5 children since which he has been affected with a complaint to which new settlers are subject which has prevented him following his business consequently the expenses of housekeeping and the enormous rent has almost exhausted his small funds. The favour which he now humbly solicits of his Honour is to be permitted to erect a tent for a short time on the opposite side of the Yarra which will be a great saving to him and give him an opportunity of uncovering himself from his present difficulties. Should his Honour be pleased to grant this favour the writer will consider himself for ever bound in gratitude. James Woodman PROV citation: VPRS 19 P1 40 933

‘Letters to La Trobe’ is a Public Record Office Victoria initiative supported by the CJ La Trobe Society with funding from the R E Ross Trust.

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