Sea Inside Us All

Mar 21, 2016, 12:01 AM

This coastal soundscape by Martyn Ware is cinema for the mind. Using sounds submitted as part of the 'sounds of our shore' project in 2015 (a partnership between the National Trust, British Library and National Trust for Scotland - Martyn has created a rich sonic journey around the 10,800 miles of the UK coastline #shoresounds. The soundscape includes Gabriel Ware’s beautiful orchestral compositions.

You can download the soundscape for free via:

The full running order of sounds that feature is:

0.01 introduction

0.15 clifftop and waves

2.41 music/ punch and judy

4.09 music /description of childhood sounds

5.11 beach fun/music/blackpool

7.38 amusements

7.59 fishing village

10.47 equipment clunking

11.43 rain starts/wind/bells/ sirens/thunder/ghost train/

17.44 boat engines/gulls

20.18 waves/shingle/gulls/wind

23.21 seaside steam train

25.11 fishermen singing in wind

27.11 crickets/on board creaking moored boat/sploshing

28.33 caledonian ferry

29.35 music/heavy waves at sea

30.45 music/ kids screaming

31.43 airshow

32.21 walk on shingle beach

32.51 distant waves/bird watcher

33.52 fisherman describes fish types

35.19 birds and rockpools

39.14 lifeguard

40.11 birds/waves/shingle beach/rain

42.34 walking on shingle/seaside competition

44.32 waves/fiddle palying

45.29 cornish folk singing on boat

46.26 pebble beach/throwing pebbles/quiet time

47.54 distant waves/birds/rockpool

50.04 cream tea/café

51.52 music/describing seaweeds

53.43 music/dramatic waves

54.14 dramatic seascape/music

54.4 weather forecast for sailors fastpoint

56.38 clunking ghost train

57.47 amusements

1.00.01 boat trip bird watching

1.01.40 calm sea at night shingle beach

1.05.35 family at seaside/steam train passing

1.09.11 morris dancers

1.10.20 heavy waves at night

1.12.30 …with music

1.14.38 flyby at seaside - airshow

1.15.38 music/close waves

1.20.06 2nd music piece/baby singing/family on beach

1.21.10 outro/ coda

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<user-5006573> - about 2 months ago

Well done


mikeyc74 - over 1 year ago

Hello, we have now added the soundscape to soundcloud and you'll be able to download the track from there:


hifworld - over 1 year ago

Cheers, shiveringgoat!


hifworld - over 1 year ago

Only 128kbps. Shame! Can we have a FLAC version? If so, please upload it to wetransfer or something similar.


hifworld - over 1 year ago

If you want a version for download, just use this URL:

and 'save as...' Works with Chrome! Now I can put this wonderful collage on my MP3 player, and relax...