How to Write Fantasy Books: Christopher Doyle Part I ep35

Mar 23, 2016, 08:30 AM

Christopher Doyle is a Management Consultant and the author of Two Bestselling Books: The Mahabharat Quest and The Mahabharat Secret: Alexander's Quest. In part I of our discussion Christopher talks about how he became an author, books that have inspired him, the importance of research in his writing process, and facing rejection from multiple publishers and literary agents.

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He is an alumnus of St. Stephen's College, Delhi and Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Christopher has written articles on management and business for Indian and international publications and is also a regular invited speaker for international conventions and conferences. He is a certified Executive Coach and now works with senior executives to help them achieve success and better results in their organisations. Christopher lives in New Delhi with his wife, daughter and his dog and enjoys writing, reading, swimming and tennis as well as travelling and meeting people. He is also a musician and lives his passion for music through his band called Mid Life Crisis which plays classic rock.