How to Build Brilliant Business Relationships over the Phone

Mar 23, 2016, 12:21 PM

Have you ever needed to make a telephone call to a prospective customer, but then...froze?

This is so common that it hurts. Most entrepreneurs want to have great relationships with people who can potentially be the clients, suppliers or even collaborative partners.

However, something inside makes them procrastinate, hesitate and over-deliberate on making those all important calls. As a result, entrepreneurs end up losing vast sums of possible profits simply because they never made that one call.

There are many reasons why people don't like making business telephone calls one of which is the dreaded telesales person. You don't have to be a telesales person or a telemarketer to enjoy successful business calls. During this episode, communications expert, Michelle Mills-Porter, will be sharing with us what it takes to build brilliant relationships over the phone.

And, yes. That often translates as better profits. So make sure you listen in and find out the three BIGGEST myths about making business calls and discover what you can do to enhance your business communications far better than most people. By doing this, you will make a difference to many more people and make a difference to their lives.

ABOUT MICHELLE MILLS-PORTER Michelle Mills-Porter is a specialist in empowering people to build brilliant business relationships – through sub conscious communication - behaviour profiling, body language, eye contact and non-visual communication (phone calls, e-mails, and the written word in our marketing and our social media.

Michelle is also a celebrated Networker and one of the Top Recommended people on LinkedIn, worldwide. She is the author of “Phone Genius – The Art of Non Visual Communication” which has more than 40, 5-star reviews on Amazon and she is CEO of Ensize UK with 16 Practitioners helping to spread x ray vision to the world through understanding human behaviour.

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