03/23/2016 Granato and Raheel with Del Hour 1

Mar 23, 2016, 04:15 PM

In the first hour of Granato and Raheel with Del, Raheel is still off so we have Chris Taylor filling in on the show. The guys are talking about the biggest topic in the NFL right now, which is the rejection of new games rules. What do you think? Are these rules put in place to protect the players or are they arbitrary? Also, did you hear Jerry Jones’ comments on the issue? In other news the Rockets are facing some major controversies of their own; Dwight Howard is accused of using stickum tape during a game. Is it just a rumor or did you think there is actual truth behind the story? #granatoraheeldel #ct #nfl #nflpa #gamerules #jerryjones #nba #rockets #dwighthoward