Space Time with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 16 - Japan’s loses contact with its Astro-H X-ray observatory spacecraft

Mar 30, 2016, 01:04 PM

Hi everyone...Stuart here...and here are the Show Notes for Ep.16:

Japan’s loses contact with its Astro-H X-ray observatory spacecraft. Japan is trying to re-establish communication with its ASTRO-H X-ray observatory spacecraft which appears to be tumbling in orbit out of control. Mission managers are also tracking several pieces of what could be debris near the spacecraft - indicating the possibility of the satellite breaking up. Saturn’s rings may be younger than the Dinosaurs A new study claims Saturn’s famous rings as well as some of its icy moons may be only a hundred million years old, dating to a time after the reign of the dinosaurs began on Earth. The findings are based on new computer simulations of the orbital history of some of Saturn’s inner moons. Weird planet discovered with comet like orbit Astronomers have detected a distant world which orbits its star more like a comet than a planet. While many giant Jupiter like gas planets have been detected orbiting other star systems – none has ever been seen with such an extremely elongated and eccentric orbit.

One of the closest ever cometary flybys of Earth in recorded history Astronomers have had an opportunity to study two comets up close and personal as they both pass close to Earth. One of the celestial visitors flew just 3.6 million kilometres above Earth – the last comet to come closer to Earth was way back in 1770.

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