Indian Literary Agent : Urmila Dasgupta,Purple Folio Literary Agency ep39

Mar 31, 2016, 04:07 AM

Urmila Dasgupta is the founder of Purple Folio Literary Agency. Urmila began her career in book publishing industry and was an editor with some of the top publishing houses with experience of well over a decade. She spent nearly 10 years in senior editorial positions with companies like Penguin and Oxford University Press before launching Purple Folio in 2012.She set up Purple Folio in 2012, which is headquartered in Mumbai. In this podcast episode, Urmila and I talk about Uemila's professional journey so far, the genesis of Purple Folio, and pricing structure for literary agencies in India. We also have a fun filled discussion where we talk about the different situations under which your book will become a bestseller in India.

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