Space Time with Stuart Gary Series 19 Ep.18 - More evidence for Planet 9 from outer space

Apr 06, 2016, 12:42 PM

Hi are the Show Notes:

More evidence for Planet 9 from outer space There’s new evidence today supporting the idea of a yet to be discovered ninth planet in our solar system. Back in January, we reported on StarStuff that strange orbital alignments involving at least 6 distant Kuiper belt objects were pointing to the existence of a ninth planet at least ten times the mass of the Earth -- now astronomers have discovered a seventh Kuiper belt object on a similar strange orbital trajectory -- further supporting this hypothesis.

Making Gold Scientists are looking at a new method of making gold. It’s not some new form of medieval alchemy turning sea water into the valuable yellow metal -- but a new look at exactly how the element gold is produced in stars.

Is dark matter responsible for creating supermassive black holes? Astronomers are fairly sure that stellar mass black holes are formed when the most massive stars die and explode as supernovae. But they’ve never been able to explain the formation of those monstrous supermassive black holes found in the hearts of galaxies. Now a new study suggests a mysterious substance called dark matter could be to blame.

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