Episode 74 - Amanda Stepto (from TV's Degrassi!!!!)

Apr 07, 2016, 04:18 PM

Wake up in the morning, feeling stoked and happy: Spike is on Turned Out A Punk! This week Damian sits down with actress Amanda Stepto. Amanda portrayed Spike on Degrassi, but being punk wasn’t a character for her. Listen as see how real it was! Also covered: -The first positive media portrayal of punk -Forcing your sister to take you to the Police picnic at the age of 9 -Pre-teen booze -Watching City limits -Teenbeat Punks -Billy Idol -Angelic Upstarts -Brain Taylor and the Record Peddler -The Punk -Buying records while on break from Degrassi -Platinum Blonde the unsung punk band -Getting cast for Degrassi -“Fuck them!” Charging your hair and changing your life -Colin from GBH: Fashion icon -Going to shows -Depeche Mode -Seeing The Smiths on your 16 birthday -Going Veg at age 9 -Buying old zines -Famous in the punk scene: not good thing -Toronto a hater city -Getting thrown out of Eaton Centre for being Punk after buying your dress for an award show -Influencing the stories -Dressing too monochrome for TV -Getting into hardcore -Going from band to band -Giving away your records -Brain Taylor hating you -Youth Youth Youth -Sick Of It All -Bunchofuckingoofs -The onstage MSIXZitRemedy Collab -Bringing other cast members to hardcore shows -Playing the “Fuck America” on set -Me, You, Youth Crew -“IT WAS SO FUCKING AWKWARD!”: hanging with Dinosaur Jr.