20 ways to unlock the leader in you with Ryan Waight

Apr 11, 2016, 01:31 AM

Ryan Waight is a successful leadership coach and speaker specialising in creating positive change within organisations, teams and individuals.

Only a young guy, Ryan delivers leadership programs in the business, sport and education sectors. His drive comes from the desire to bridge the gap between potential and performance. His ability to engage people on a relevant, yet emotional level is a hallmark of his commitment towards his own professional development.

Ryan is the author of Leadership Within: 20 Ways to Unlock the Leader in You. In this show e devolve into personal, and team leadership and how leadership has changed over the years to accomodate the newer generations.

Here’s what we cover in this show.

What work is Ryan doing today and who would he likely be doing it with? Why leadership as a focus? Who shaped Ryan’s life when his Dad had left the family at an early age? The best learnings from his early coaching mentors. Performance vs High Performance, what separates the two. Has leadership style changed in the modern era? Leadership for the new generation. How do we know we are on the right track? What is a softener? Journalling and inputs vs outputs. What has Ryan hacked away at and eliminate from this world. How do we ensure that kids feel like “they matter”? Leaders that Ryan admires. How personal reinvention is a success strategy for leaders. Movies and music to get your Mojo working.


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