The Sound Women Podcast: Branded Content

Apr 11, 2016, 04:55 PM

Gemma Cairney hosts this month’s episode all about Branded Content. We hear from Lauren Laverne who tells us about how her content site 'The Pool' works with brands. We also hear from Head of Entertainment Talia Lapidus and Head of Current Affairs and Business Tasha Proctor from Audioboom about how brands are using podcasts to build audiences. Shona Ghosh who is the Editor of the recently launched Marketing Mind Podcast shares her thoughts on what makes good and bad branded content. 

Lead Producer: Hayley Clarke Co-Producer and interviewer: Nicki Bannerman

Guests: Presenter Lauren Laverne
              Head of Entertainment: Talia Lapidus
              Head of Current Affairs and Business: Tasha Proctor

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