Space Time with Stuart Gary Series 19 Ep. 20 - SpaceX's Dragon revolutionising space flight...

Apr 13, 2016, 08:30 AM

Hi everyone...Stuart with the Show Notes:

Revolutionising space flight with the arrival of a flying dragon at the International Space Station. SpaceX’s Dragon has opened a new era in spaceflight delivering the first inflatable module to the International Space Station. The flight was a double success with the Falcon 9 launch vehicle successfully landing on a barge floating in the North Atlantic Ocean, from where it was picked up for refurbishment for potential reuse on future missions.

Red Dwarfs provide a new way of mapping the Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists have developed a new map of the Milky Way using the galaxies most common stars, tiny and faint red dwarfs. The result is the most comprehensive model ever for the distribution of these stars.

The mystery deepens for Fast Radio Bursts. Fast Radio Bursts -- those mysterious ephemerally brief millisecond flashes of powerful radio signals from beyond our galaxy -- are continuing to baffle astronomers, with new evidence showing that a key clue to their origins was wrong.

Jonathan Nally with what’s in the new edition of Sky & Telescope Magazine.

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