Crowdfunders: Pink gin, better due diligence for crowdfunding and tax!

Apr 13, 2016, 03:56 PM

This is Crowdfunders on Share Radio, the show that covers the fast-growing world of alternative finance, hosted by Share Radio’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bowsher.

In today's show, Ed speaks to the founder of a company that's making pink gin using raspberries. The gin is called Pinkster and you can invest in the company on the Growthdeck platform.

Also in the spotlight is an equity crowdfunding campaign for a company that is now in administration. The company is called Rebus, and the question is: did this crowdfunding campaign give investors all the relevant information?

And over in the world of peer to peer lending, today's crowdfunders takes a look at the issue of tax. It's especially topical now that the innovative finance isa has been launched - it's supposed to protect any interest you earn on peer to peer sites from income tax.