Episode 75 - Ian 'Deejay NDN' Campeau (A Tribe Called Red, Ripcordz)

Apr 14, 2016, 06:41 PM

Three cheers for friendship!!! This week on the show not only does Damian have a guest but he also has a new friend: A Tribe Called Red’s Deejay NDN! Sit back as Damian and Ian discuss going from skate punk to gutter punk to build your own scene. Enjoy the blooming friendship for yourself!

An Epic hang that became a podcast

Propagandhi talk

Zach De La Rocha is so fucking cool

Having Dave the S.H.A.R.P. as a babysitter

Black Triangle, Stormtroopers and the Planet Smashers at the Pit at 10 years old

Michael Williams: Leather Vest=Power30, No Vest=Rap City

Banned from Ottawa

Footage on YouTube

90’s Skate Rock:

Furnaceface, Punchbuggy, Anal Chinook

The other OxymoronS and the ChelseaS

Fatherly advice: “Always watch the drummer!”

“That’s a skinhead drink!”

California Neighbourhood Pride

Friendship made with the replacement

Playing Bovine for first time

The Rancid/AFI tour

Paul from the Ripcordz and joining one of you favourite bands

Being in the gutter punk scene: IT IS REAL.

PCP Glasses

Touring Canada

Driving over flying any day

Gord Downie is the best!

Playing with the Misfits… in 2002 Jerry (all biz), Dez (the fun one) and THE MAN AND THE LEGEND Marky Ramone

90’s Retro Night DJ

Reading a room