Spring Offensive in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. @ThomasJoscelyn @BillRoggio, Long War Journal, FDD.

Apr 19, 2016, 03:32 AM

04-18-2016 (Photo: ‪A U.S. Marine, center, demonstrates how to conduct UHF radio operations for Iraqi Soldiers with the 7th Iraqi Army Division at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, ...‬) http://JohnBatchelorShow.com/contact http://JohnBatchelorShow.com/schedules http://johnbatchelorshow.com/blog Twitter: @BatchelorShow Spring Offensive in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. @ThomasJoscelyn @BillRoggio, Long War Journal, FDD. “The “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” the official name of the Taliban, announced the commencement of the 2016 spring offensive, and named it after Mullah Omar, its founder and first leader whose death was disclosed in the summer of 2015. A main goal of “Operation Omari” will be “clearing the remaining areas from enemy control and presence,” according to the Taliban. The Taliban announced the beginning of “Operation Omari” in a statement released today on its official propaganda website, Voice of Jihad. “[T]he Islamic Emirate’s leadership eagerly announces this year’s Jihadi Operation in honor of the movement’s founder and first leader, the late Amir ul Mu’mineen Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (May Allah have mercy upon him),” the group said…” http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2016/04/taliban-name-afghan-spring-offensive-after-founder-and-first-emir-mullah-omar.php The Imam Bukhari Jamaat (also known as Katibat Imam al Bukhari), a largely Uzbek group that is allied to the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, has released a video in recent days highlighting its role in fighting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsud. The Uzbek group joins other al Qaeda-linked organizations attacking the Kurds in the Aleppo neighborhood. The video shows the Uzbek jihadists fighting with native Syrian forces with both light and heavy machine guns, as well as with mortars. Several technicals, or armed pick up trucks, are also shown being utilized. Multiple rebel groups, along with jihadist forces, are currently ambushing the YPG and its allies for control over the neighborhood.