Hugo Dixon of InFacts discusses today's Vote Leave speech from Michael Gove


Justice Secretary Michael Gove's remarks come a day after Chancellor George Osborne said that British households would lose over four thousand pounds a year IF the country voted for a BREXIT. That triggered a barrage of accusations with some critics even questioning the quality of the Chancellor's economic data, which was supplied by the Treasury. It remains to be seen whether Mr Gove's intervention will influence which way undecided voters are likely to go, but it's fair to say that in the last twenty four hours the temperature of the referendum debate suddenly got hotter. Juliette Foster, host of Investment Perspectives, spoke to Hugo Dixon, Charmain and Editor-in-Chief of "In Facts.Org", which has been making a factual case for Britain to stay in the EU. She asked him what he thought about Michael Gove's comments.

Apr 19, 2016, 02:57 PM
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