A day after hell

Apr 19, 2016, 08:54 PM

April 19 | The Survivors of Spring, episode two

A day after hell

For professional cyclists, recovery is just as important as training and the techniques have improved as the understanding of how the physical stress of racing affects the body has increased.

In this episode of our Kilometre 0 series, The Survivors of Spring supported by WellbriX, Daniel Friebe spends the day after Paris-Roubaix catching up with some of the riders who pushed themselves to the limit on the cobblestones.

It's not just recovery from the exertion of racing that is critical. Crashes and injuries are an occupational hazard and so, sometimes, recovery can be a matter of weeks or months rather.

In this episode, we hear from Paris-Roubaix winner Mat Hayman, who had crashed and broke a bone in his arm just six weeks earlier, Dimension Data's Matt Brammeier, Team Sky's Andy Fenn and former rider Marco Pinotti, whose career was jeopardised by injury, about the sort of toll the toughest races take on the body and how they manage to recuperate.