Millenium Falcon Spaceport Under Construction. Bob Zimmerman,

Apr 20, 2016, 03:42 AM

04-19-2016 (Photo: ‪Artist's concept of SpaceX's launch pad in South Texas, which will host launches of Falcon‬) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Millenium Falcon Spaceport Under Construction. Bob Zimmerman, “Prep work for SpaceX’s Texas spaceport continues. “The competition heats up: Though the first launch there is likely delayed until 2018, SpaceX has begun the preliminary foundation work to begin constructing its private spaceport near Brownsville, Texas. “They are hauling in a gigantic amount of dirt to stabilize the ground before work on the launchpads themselves begins.

“The story not only gives a detailed description of the prep work done to get the stage, dubbed CRS-8 S1, ready for transportation to the test facility where it will undergo static fire tests, it also gives an update on the status of SpaceX’s upcoming launches. This one sentence sums it up: “The frequency of SpaceX launches is expected to pick up the pace in June with up to three launches planned, potentially including the historic reuse of the CRS-8 S1. “If SpaceX can get three rockets off the ground in one month, a first for the company, they will help ease their launch backlog while also demonstrating that they can launch at a fast and reliable rate.