SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Ep.22 - The Fast Radio Bursts mystery continues

Apr 20, 2016, 08:43 AM

Hi everyone....Stuart with the Show Notes:

The Fast Radio Bursts mystery continues Astronomers have detected what appears to be the first ever repeating Fast Radio Burst – a mysterious flash of electro-magnetic radiation lasting just a millisecond but powerful enough to be visible half way across the universe. If correct the discovery dramatically changes sciences understanding of what these ephemeral events are.

Dark matter dwarf galaxy detected Scientists have found a hidden dark matter dwarf galaxy lurking some four billion light years away in the halo of another larger galaxy. The discovery could help astronomers address important questions on the nature of mysterious dark matter.

Interstellar space dust discovered near Saturn NASA's Cassini spacecraft has detected the faint but distinct signature of interstellar dust grains from beyond our solar system. Astronomers say 36 alien dust grains were detected among the millions gathered by Cassini’s over the past 12 years exploring the ringed world of Saturn and its many moons.

New surprises from Jupiter’s ice moon Europa A new study of the frozen Jovian ice moon Europa indicates gravitational tidal forces generated by its orbit around Jupiter is generating far more heat than previously thought. The new findings work could ultimately help scientists better estimate the thickness of Europa’s icy crust.

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