04/20/2016 Granato and Raheel with Del Hour 2

Apr 20, 2016, 05:05 PM

It’s Granato and Raheel with Del on ESPN Radio. In the second hour of the show the guys talk about the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing in Houston. Hopefully everyone is safe out there and staying out of this rain. Going back to the E:60 interview with James Harden do you think it was a good idea to do this interview especially since the Rockets are in the playoffs? Does this undermine the team and their efforts to make it to the championship? Johnny Manziel has promised to clean himself up but, photos have surfaced of him partying at Coachella. Will he be able to turn his life around and go back to playing football? Speaking of football, there is talk of eliminating the punt return due to the high likelihood of concussions. Do you agree with this move? #granato #raheel #del #htx #rain #E:60 #nba #rockets #jamesharden #playoffs #nfl #johnnymanziel #coachella #nfl #puntreturn