How good is Brentford's player recruitment system, what shape are Brentford's accounts in plus Lionel Rd progress? (and MK Dons pre-match podcast from the pub)

Apr 21, 2016, 05:55 AM

This week’s podcast is a factual feast of information as we delve into the financial state of the club. the progress of the new stadium after the granting of the compulsory purchase order and the recruitment set-up.

The Beesotted crew met up on a lovely sunny evening at The Princes Head on Richmond Green to chew the fat … and discuss the state of our club .. as well as or latest unbeaten run.

Who scouts our players? Do we have a chief scout like the legendary John Griffin we used to have back in the day? How do we use the data to find players? Who else is doing the same as us. By the looks of things , most teams. All to varying degrees. But what happens when they all catch up and it becomes an even playing field when it comes to gathering information????

So we decided to have a little dig around to ensure that when we talk - or argue - a point we at least know exactly what we are talking about.

In the bar tonight we have:

Billy Grant Dave Lane Liberal Nick Carthew Savvy Bee Kyriacou Martin The Dutchman Holland Matt Allard

You can find the back-up information to this podcast regarding scouting and recruitment in this article and all the links to the features mentioned in this article right here (

You can find the back-up material to the accounts and Lionel Rd information on this podcast right here (

0m - Intro 3m 39 sec - Fans in the pub after the Bristol City and Cardiff match 8m 41 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Cardiff and Bristol City matches 12m 59 sec - Discussion of Brentford’s financial situation 25 m - Discussion of the new stadium Lionel Rd after the granting of the Compulsory Purchase order 43m 43 sec - The Brentford Scouting/Recruitment set-up 1h 03 m 51 sec - Interview with football analyst Ted Knutson from Arseblog - the Arsenal Podcast 1hr 20 min 7 sec - Beesotted crew discussion 1hr 30 min 13 sec - Discussion of MK Dons match 1hr 32m 31 sec - END

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