Soccer Men: Profiles of the Rogues, Geniuses, Neurotics ..World's Most Popular @KuperSimon.

May 02, 2016, 02:56 AM

05-01-2016 (Photo: ‪Diego #Maradona was the driving force behind Argentina’s #WorldCup triumph in 1986‬) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Soccer Men: Profiles of the Rogues, Geniuses, and Neurotics Who Dominate the World's Most Popular Sport Apr 22, 2014 by Simon #Kuper.

The New Yorker, Book Bench Blog “[S]prightly, skeptical, and vastly informative… Style, in soccer as in prose, is less the product of “personal expression” than of poise, discipline, patience, and infinite care. . . . Watching Messi or Lampard (or any of the players included in “Soccer Men”) after reading Kuper is a bit like going back to Shakespeare’s sonnets after reading Helen Vendler’s book on them. He turns us into more alert, more intelligent, more grateful spectators of the beautiful game.” Mother Jones “Kuper’s effortless wit and keen sense of irony make Soccer Men well worth the read.” Alan Black, San Francisco Chronicle “#SimonKuper’s new book, Soccer Men, gains insight into the personalities of some of soccer’s most important players and coaches with a few extras from outside the sport thrown in….Kuper is a rare breed of writer. His international upbringing conditioned his understanding of variety in the world’s most popular sport. His soccer networks across national boundaries and his access inside the game are impressive. There is no better anthropologist’s eye analyzing the game today.”