Three Hundred Martyr Bomber Attacks in Iraq. @ThomasJoscelyn. @BillRoggio. @followFDD

May 03, 2016, 03:23 AM

05-02-2016 (Photo: “A western youth who appeared in photographs with #Isis fighters has been identified as a high-achieving schoolboy who converted to Islam after the early death of his mother in #Melbourne. Jake Bilardi, 18, believed to be of Italian descent, dropped out of school last year to join the radical #Islamist group in #Iraq.,..” Twitter: @BatchelorShow Three Hundred Martyr Bomber Attacks in Iraq. @ThomasJoscelyn. @BillRoggio. @LongWarJournal “The Islamic State has named a series of deadly attacks throughout Iraq and #Syria in honor of one of its most senior leaders: Abu Ali al Anbari. Suicide bombers and other fighters have killed dozens of people since the campaign was launched on Apr. 30. “The Pentagon confirmed in March that Anbari, who had a number of other aliases, was killed in a US counterterrorism operation. Secretary of Defense #AshtonCarter told reporters that Anbari played multiple roles within the so-called caliphate, including having a hand in its “external” operations, meaning plots targeting the West. Anbari was also a major ideologue within the group. Islamic State supporters have posted more than three dozen of his lectures in Arabic online. [See LWJ report, Pentagon announces death of senior Islamic State leader.] “Jihadists frequently name their military offensives after fallen leaders. The Taliban’s battles this year have been dedicated to Mullah Omar, the group’s first emir, who died in 2013. In January, the Islamic State named its quest to capture more territory in Libya after Sheikh Abdul Mugirah al Qahtani, who led the “caliphate’s” men in the North African nation until his demise late last year. “The Islamic State has promoted “The Battle of Abu Ali Al Anbari” across its many propaganda outlets. Al Bayan Radio, which streams content and also produces a daily newsletter, has listed several operations as part of the campaign. Other #jihadist media outfits have documented additional attacks.