Nuremberg 1935 & 1945, Crime & Punishment. Malcolm Hoenlein, @Conf_of_pres. @JohnTamny.

May 03, 2016, 04:14 AM

05-02-2016 (Photo: ‪Rare colour photo of the trial at Nuremberg, depicting the defendants, guarded by American Military Police‬) Twitter: @BatchelorShow #Nuremberg 1935 & 1945, Crime & Punishment. Malcolm Hoenlein, @Confofpres. @JohnTamny. “80 Years Since the Implementation of the Nuremberg Laws “The anti-Semitic #NurembergLaws were originally passed in #1935, at a special #Reichstag session held in Nuremberg, Germany, which was also the site of some of the Nazi Party’s annual propaganda rallies. The Nuremberg Laws were fully and consistently implemented in #Nazi Germany after the 1936 #BerlinSummerOlympics. The laws, among others, removed citizenship from Germany’s Jewish population (based on Nazi invented racial criteria), restricted the employment of “#Aryan” Germans in Jewish households and forbade sexual relations between Germans and Jews. These laws were enacted along with a host of other discriminatory, anti-Semitic measures. While no one imagined the horrors that were to follow, these laws were the foundation for the increasing persecution of #Germany’s #Jewish population that would eventually encompass all of Europe and result in the murder of 6 million Jews.”

“70 Years Since the Nuremberg Trials “The Nuremberg Trials were undertaken by the Allies during 1945-1946 (the IMT- the International Military Tribunal) and then by the United States during 1946-1949 (the NMTs - Nuremberg Military Tribunals). The defendants were former Nazi German leaders who were involved in waging of aggressive war, committing war crimes, and committing crimes against humanity.

Described as “the greatest trial in history,” the international #NurembergTrial, the Allied-led IMT, saw 21 of the most important political and military leaders of the Third Reich pros- ecuted. The defendants included such infamous Nazis as #HermannGöring, Hans Frank, #RudolfHess, Joachim von #Ribbentrop, #AlbertSpeer and #JuliusStreicher.

“The second set of trials - twelve in all - were the American-led Nuremberg Military Tribunals, which included the Doctors’ Trial, the Judges’ Trial, and the High Command Trial, and saw the prosecution of close to 200 formerly high-ranking German of cials and business leaders.

“Although many culpable persons were never brought to justice at Nuremberg or elsewhere, the Nuremberg Trials adjudicated many of the most culpable and developed the evidence that allows history to understand the scope of Nazi crimes, including the Holocaust. Nuremberg also gave rise to important principles, including that the claim of “just following orders” is not acceptable as a defense in criminal cases.

“In 1950, a United Nations committee codi ed Nuremberg Principles that are, alongside the records and precedents of the Nuremberg trial judgments themselves, important components of international law today.”