05/06/2016 Granato and Raheel with Del Hour 1

May 06, 2016, 04:07 PM

It’s Granato and Raheel with Del on ESPN Radio. One of the big stories out today concerns Connor Cook. Cook made headlines five months ago for disrespecting legend and two-time Heisman winner Archie Griffin. Fast-forward to today, Cook and his father are back in the headlines for their apparent “bad-behavior.” There is speculation that Cook fell all the way to the fourth round due to his father’s erratic tweets and comments. In other college news, Tate Martell is taking flak for decommitting to Texas A&M, but can you really blame the guy? Texas A&M definitely has some issues to resolve and going somewhere else might be the best plan for Martell. #granato #raheel #del #espn #connorcook #archiegriffin #tatemartell #aggies