Growth Plan for the Governors & Trump. Argentina vs Uber. @LizPeek, Fiscal Times. Mary Anastasia O’Grady, WSJ Editorial.

May 07, 2016, 03:32 AM

Liz Peek 05-06-2016 (Photo: Candidate #Trump) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Growth Plan for the Governors & Trump. #Argentina vs #Uber. @LizPeek, Fiscal Times. Mary Anastasia O’Grady, WSJ Editorial. “It is the ultimate virtuous circle, but one that has been missing from the national agenda for the past seven years. Republicans #ScottWalker and #RickScott of Florida joined with Democrats #TerryMcAuliffe from Virginia and #JohnHickenlooper from #Colorado in boasting about the reduced unemployment and deficits recorded in their respective states. All four talked about steps they were taking to develop and improve their workforces. “Hickenlooper discussed providing tech training to kids not likely to go to college; Scott Walker has doubled the number of apprenticeships being offered to young people and emphasized opportunities for returning veterans. McAuliffe is also offering training for veterans, especially in the area of cyber security. “All four men are actively seeking increased investment for their states. McAuliffe has traveled extensively internationally, pitching foreign companies on building in Virginia. He just landed a $2 billion deal with a Chinese company, insisting that it was more profitable going after foreign inflows that trying to “buy” companies moving in from other states. ..”

Uber spokeswoman Niki Christoff says that on April 15 police raided the offices of its lawyers, “taking all Uber files and information they found.” Ms. Christoff says that the next day police broke the lock on the door of the home of the local Uber general manager, raiding the premises and taking some electronic equipment and documents. From April 15 to April 20, Uber offered free rides in Buenos Aires, hoping to create demand for its service and counter the taxi union, which has used roadblocks and protests to pressure city regulators to ban the company. Uber says it is now operating normally and believes its business is constitutionally protected. It emphasizes that it is neither a car service nor a taxi business and says Argentina needs a new regulatory regime for companies that provide a ride-sharing platform.