Trump Implosion Rehearsal. Tammany Hall Never Sleeps, Cuomo.. @MaryKissel @Harry Siegel @CoralMDavenport Dan Voorhis

May 10, 2016, 04:18 AM

05-10-2016 (Photo: ‪Andrew Cuomo Says Bill de Blasio Tax Plan Is 'A January Conversation' | Observer) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Trump Implosion Rehearsal. #Tammany Hall Never Sleeps, #Cuomo Edition. @MaryKissel, WSJ Editorial. @Harry Siegel, NYDN. Coral Davenport, NYT. Dan Voorhis, Witchita Eagle.

“…That it’s not graft, and anyways it’s honest graft, since the mayor hasn’t been lining his own pockets, just paying out of the city’s purse to buy support for the favors necessary to pass his good, progressive agenda. “And he’s right that few pols have clean hands here. Mayor #Bloomberg, who handed out bribes rather than pocketing them, flat-out purchased the Independence Party line in 2009. His bagman ended up taking the fall. And #deBlasio’s schemes really do seem meant to keep pace with Cuomo’s — who benefits from Albany having much more state money to give, much more generous contribution limits to collect and much less transparency than the city. “But it’s hard for the mayor to cry politics when the U.S. attorney and the state attorney general and the district attorney and the city controller — all Democrats — are probing real estate scandals, fundraising schemes, hookers and diamond bribes to police chiefs and on and on, with much of the smoke hovering above City Hall…”