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May 11, 2016, 03:07 AM

05-10-2016 (Photo: ‪What A Hillary Clinton Nomination May Mean For Ga. Democrats‬ ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Watching #AZ, #GA & #China. @Larry_Kudlow. @HooverWhalen. Chris Cox, @NixonFoundation. “#Hillary #Clinton certainly is favored to win the presidential race this fall,” said Dean Debnam, president of left-leaning PPP. "But it might not be the giant blowout that it’s been made to be in some quarters.” “Tuesday’s results also found that Clinton's rival, Bernie #Sanders, fares better than her in a general presidential election match-up with Trump. “Sanders bests Trump 47 percent to 37 percent. Paired against Trump alone, Sanders's lead expands to 50 percent to 39 percent. “Pollsters additionally found that Trump remains unpopular nationwide, with 61 percent viewing him unfavorably and 34 percent seeing him favorably. Clinton fares little better, with 55 percent viewing her unfavorably and 36 percent seeing her favorably. “PPP conducted its latest sampling of 1,222 registered voters via landline telephone interviews and online surveys May 6–9. It has a 3.2-point margin of error.

Even if Democrats rally behind Clinton, Emory University associate political science professor Andra Gillespie says it’s unlikely she’ll be able to help Georgia Democrats achieve victory. Gillespie says it’s because the state’s demographics are still not in the Democrats' favor. “I think in general right now all indications suggest #Republicans are going to have the advantage in the state in 2016, and that’s going to be reflected not just in the presidential race but also in some of the lower ticket races.” University of Georgia associate political science professor Audrey Haynes agrees it will be difficult for Clinton to win in Georgia. But she says the former secretary of state could be more competitive here depending on who her opponent is. “Hillary really has a chance of being a very positive draw for other Democrats in the state if it appears that the Republican party has become much more extremist, much more toward the right end in a disconnect with general public sentiment on a host of issues.”