Episode 79 - Frank Turner

May 12, 2016, 07:44 PM

You demanded it, you got it! This week on Turned Out A Punk, it’s FRANK TURNER! Join Damian as he sits down and chats with one of Punk’s most famous troubadours and one of the most requested guests for the show. Get ready this one is a good one! Some of the topics hit:

A long time coming

Look for a person in a black leather jacket for directions

“You gotta get the Clash and Never Mind The Bollocks, that’s Punk mate.”

Getting into Nirvana as a gateway

Proudly hating Blur AND Oasis

Pick your side: Kerrang over the NME

ShitPop shirt = Get beat up

Iron Maiden

Punk and Catholicism: the shared guilt

You will never be Fugazi

Metalhead goes acoustic: Megadeth songs are really hard to play

Fat Mike is actually a good song writer

Playing music so people will commune

Getting in Johnny Cash’s America Series and opening

Shared memories of Eastbourne


The best period of Iron Maiden

Where did punk start? Who cares

Not liking the Ramones

Killing people’s music gods: the ultimate tour game

Propagandhi: the smartest band to come out of punk

Rage Against The Machine

John K. Samson vs. Chris Hanna for Canada’s Greatest Lyricist

Two adults talking about Blink-182

Taste so close but also so different

Loving Godspeed You Black Emperor