Too-Early-for-Polls Polling. Pennsylvania is the Keystone. @SalenaZitoTrib Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. @LaraMBrownPHD. GWU.

May 18, 2016, 04:16 AM

05-17-2016 (Photo: PA. ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Too-Early-for-Polls Polling. #Pennsylvania is the #Keystone. @SalenaZitoTrib Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. @LaraMBrownPHD. GWU. “…Over the past couple of weeks, Donald #Trump has become the presumptive #Republican nominee and Hillary #Clinton has continued to inch closer to the magic number of delegates she needs to lock up the #Democratic contest. Clinton continues to lead Bernie #Sanders in our national tracking poll (she is up by 14 points in this week's results). “Attention is now rapidly moving to the hypothetical match-up between the leading candidates with an emphasis on a Clinton and Trump contest. In this week's poll, Americans are nearly split between their choice of Trump or Clinton; her margin over Trump narrows from 5 points last week to 3 points this week to 48 percent to 45 percent. “This early data indicates a very close race right now — though that may change considerably before November. Understanding, why the race is close requires a deeper look into how various demographic groups break for either candidate….”