Episode 80 - K.J. Jansen (Chixdiggit)

May 20, 2016, 09:31 PM

Get ready to smile! This week on Turned Out A Punk it is one of punk’s sunniest faces; KJ Jansen from Chixdiggit stops by for a chat. Listen along as the two chat about being on SubPop, Fat Wreck Chords, and the realities those labels brought.

Also discussed: -The Monoxides -Making an underage beef thief -Sister as gateway -The Dutch Punk Cousin -Who is Bugs Potter? -Thomas Dolby -The Vindicators -High Rollers -LI150s: legit mods -The Von Zippers: Post Riot 303 -Forbidden Dimension -Going to see the Dead Kennedy’s -Big Drill Car -Jawbreaker plays to no one -From drummer to singer -The Will: Huevos Ranchero -Miss Erections or Bum, Sweat, No Tears: it could be worse -Merch before shows -Working and selling shirts on Calgary’s first patio -“Wait, are we joking?” -Going to Seattle: first tour. -There would be no Chixdiggit without Huevos Rancheros -Pure or Pansy Division? Choose your tour. -Playing with the Supersuckers -The greatness of the Fastbacks -CFNY: when it was great -The Bookman -Touring is a mental game -The bullshit Pansy Division had to put with. -What is “Fat” Records? -Lagwagon and Strung Out is a hockey arena in Quebec` -Joey Cape: what an ear! -Bootleg hit!!! -Being signed to SubPop during the divorce. -Signing to Fat -Still finding the joy in touring and MORE!!!!!