SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 31 - Jovian moon has Earth like ocean

May 25, 2016, 09:17 AM

Hi...Stuart with the Show Notes for Series 19 Episode 31:

*Jovian moon has Earth like ocean Scientists have concluded that the oceans on Jupiter’s ice moon Europa are far more Earth like than previously thought. Deep ocean hydrothermal vents are increasingly being seen as potential cradles for the creation of life on Earth. The new NASA research suggests that the necessary balance of chemical energy for life could also exist in the sub-surface oceans of Europa. *New micrometeorite study sheds light on Earth’s early atmosphere A new study of the oldest micrometeorites ever found has discovered that Earth’s ancient atmosphere had similar oxygen levels to the air we breathe today. The new findings contradict existing evidence showing that early Earth had extremely low oxygen levels until the appearance of photosynthetic organisms. *Indian space shuttle launched India has carried out a successful test flight of its new prototype space shuttle. The flight is the first step in the Indian Space Research Organization’s program to develop a two stage to orbit reusable delta winged space plane. *Mars in Opposition On May 30th the red planet Mars will be just 75,317,299.2 kilometres from Earth – the closest it’s been in eleven years. The close encounter comes just days after Mars was in opposition -- the point it the red planet’s orbit when it was directly opposite the Earth from the Sun.

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