Episode 81 - Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr. )

May 27, 2016, 12:49 AM

Gimme TOAP ROCK! This week on the show we are joined by the great Lou Barlow! Join Damian as he sits down with Lou Barlow to discuss how hearing the Dead Kennedys over a CB Radio led of one of indie rock’s most impressive careers.

Also discussed. -Interviewing Lou: 4th time is the charm! -Devo on SNL -The town formally known as Devon -The B-52s -Transistor Radio Love -Holiday in Cambodia emerging from the static -Jimi Hendrix formerly words wildest musician -The NY Rocker -Mail Ordering from Dischord -The other Vandals -Going to the porn theatre for your first show -8th Route Army: The Rock of Punk Rock -The Stupids: Proto Hardcore weirdness -Outpatients -Main Street Records rules! -Meeting J -Lou had better US HC but J had the imports on lock. -No direct questions -Byron Coley reviews matter -The Ramones -Gerard compliment from episode 5 is dissected -Being terrified to perform but fear is a great motivators -The Boston: true nastiness -“Fuck You Fuck Society and Fuck Everything” -Loving John Lydon -Sebadoh: a true unruly history -Gang Green = Freedom -Slapshot -Never seeing Mission To Burma -“Where are those guys? Cool, I stay over here then.” -Raw Power -Finnish Hardcore -Lou sells out the edge -Being disillusioned by (and still into) the second 7 Seconds 7” -Loving Minor Threat but knowing that they were streamlining hardcore -Smog: from crap lo fi to brilliant song writer -Royal Trux -Suckdog -Being mean to Superchunk -Finding kindred spirits in Pavement -The story behind the Kids soundtrack -Harmonie’s great taste in music -AND MORE!!!!!!