SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 32 - Possible link between dark matter and primordial black holes

May 28, 2016, 11:22 AM

Hi everyone- Stuart with the Show Notes for Series 19 Episode 32...

*Possible link between dark matter and primordial black holes A new theory has provided a possible link between dark matter and an ancient yet to be discovered population of black holes. Dark matter is now widely thought to be some form of massive exotic particle. An intriguing alternative view is that dark matter is made of black holes formed during the first second of our universe’s existence, known as primordial black holes.

*Martian mega tsunamis Astronomers studying the northern lowlands of Mars have found evidence of two massive mega-tsunamis which inundated the region. The findings are based on new geologic mapping of the red planet’s northern plains which found vast sedimentary deposits that were likely put there by two mega-tsunami events.

*Space weather linked to mysterious Martian plumes Mysterious clouds seen appearing suddenly in the martian atmosphere may be linked to space weather. Amateur astronomers were the first to report an unusual cloud-like plume in 2012 that topped-out high above the surface of Mars at an altitude around 250 km.

*Galileo satellite launch A Russian Roscosmos Soyuz rocket has blasted off from the European Space Agency’s Kourou space port in French Guiana carrying two new Galileo navigation satellites into orbit. The launch brings Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system constellation halfway to completion. Once complete the Galileo satellite navigation system will consist of 24 satellites plus spares, providing a civilian managed alternative to the American GPS, Russian Glonass and Chinese Beidou satellite navigation systems.

*Redesigned Antares rolls out onto the launch pad for the first time Orbital Sciences have rolled out their new improved Antares rocket as preparations continue for the launch vehicle’s return to flight status following a spectacular crash and burn failure just seconds after launch in 2014

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