Holidays In Britain Where You Can Browse Great Bookshops

May 30, 2016, 12:47 PM

Many people enjoy a good read on holiday. But if browsing the shelves of bookshops is one of your joys, why not have a break that’s centred on books? Have you considered visiting a “booktown”? A handful of communities have been given this designation because they offer booklovers multiple vendors who offer hundreds of thousands of titles. It’s an international movement and booktowns include Hobart in the desirable Catskills area of New York state, Bredevoort, a small medieval town in the Netherlands, Redu in Belgium, Fjaerland in Norward and Wigtown which is near Dumfries in South-West Scotland. The original booktown is in Wales at Hay on Wye, 80 minutes north of Cardiff and 40 minutes drive from Hereford. The concept was created by Hay entreprenuer Richard Booth back in the 1960s in an attempt to put the market town on the map. Historic Hay is set on the River Wye and boasts two castles so its the perfect setting for a booklovers’ break. Keri Jones of the Great Destinations Radio Show spoke with Hay’s Mayor Fiona Howard and also Wigtown bookshop owner Shaun Bythell about what their respective towns had to offer booklovers. #Hay,#Hayonwye,#Booktowns,#Booktown,#Travel,#Staycation,#radio,#Books,#booklover Pic by Aloys5268 Creative Commons