Jun 02, 2016, 05:49 PM

I refused to believe my road worker father was stealing from his job, but all the signs were there.

What’s so funny about this? So the first thing you should notice is the new format of the cartoon. 95% of my toons have been single panel, with a few two-panels thrown in from time to time. The purpose of the panel is to show the progress of time. The action always starts on the left and moves to the right. The nice thing about toons is that they are very flexible. You can indicate any length of time you want, and you do so by dialogue, picture clues or both. But today, I’m raising the bar, so to speak, going to four panels and even changing locations. Some jokes just lend themselves to more than one panel and this is one of them. I needed to show a theft and I thought it was made more clear by a before-and-after situation. In panel #1 on the upper left, we see a guy on a road in bad need of repair, with holes and cracks everywhere. And there are also four road signs along the road attached to poles. There is an off-screen narrator who sets up the story by letting us know that his father is a road worker and we see the father in the first panel. The dialog also tells us that the father was accused of stealing. In panel #2, we see the broken up road, but the signs have all been removed from their poles and the father is not there. In panel #3 we change location. We are in front of a small house, but our view of the house is blocked by the road worker father who appears to be talking to the narrator. The latter asks his father if he’d heard about the theft, and the father responds that he hasn’t seen anything. But in the last panel, #4, we have an unobstructed view of the house and we see the four stolen signs leaning against, or attached to the house. The narrator tells us that even though his father had denied it, “all the signs were there”. This last statement has two distinct meanings. The literal meaning is that all of the missing signs were at the house. The metaphoric meaning uses the word “sign” as an “indication” or clue. There is complete overlap here and we can easily say that the signs were all there that the signs were all there. And THAT’s what’s so funny!

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