BREXIT Transforming. BRICS Failing. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs.

Jun 16, 2016, 06:13 AM

06-16-2016 (Photo: Mayor of London #BorisJohnson announced he will be backing the "Leave EU" campaign while speaking to the press outside his London home, Feb. 21, 2016.) Twitter: @BatchelorShow

#BREXIT Transforming. #BRICS Failing. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs.

“…The transformation of Europe, and the short-term triggering of such events as the June 23, 2016, referendum in the United Kingdom as to whether the UK should remain as part of the European Union. Will Tur-key be the instrument of the break-up of the# EU? How will the growing civil war in #Turkey impact #Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean? Can the EU re-imagine itself in a more viable fashion, as we see a competition between those favoring more freedom within an economic space and those advocating the creation of a totally new European state? Does the EU “Brexit debate, successful or not, trigger other moves toward EU break-up? “Whatever happens with the UK referendum, the EU bloc faces economic and social stagnation which can only be recovered or arrested by a dra-matic return to nationalism of its member states. This, of course, carries the risk of a return to a patchwork of mutually competitive states, unless the EU itself can be loosened to the point where it returns to a society of trade agreements. But Europe has also weakened itself in security terms. “Within all of this, and depending on where the US goes with its next Ad-ministration in 2017, we will see either the artificial return to Cold War with Russia stopped, and Russia integrated more into the European economy, or we will see a dangerous US-NATO confrontation arise with Russia and involving Europe. A victory by Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election would move toward confrontation with Russia; a Donald Trump victory would likely see an amelioration of Russian-Western relations….”