Episode 84 - Priya Panda (Diemonds/ She-Demons)

Jun 16, 2016, 07:15 PM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, we go punk ROCK as Damian is joined by modern day Rock Queen Priya Panda. Sit in as they talk about Priya's journey from hearing a Misfits mixtape to working with Jerry Only and the darkside of partying.

Also discussed:

-Meeting Megan

-Going to see I Mother Earth at Tower Records

-The inadequacy of being only the singer

-A french class decision to head down the lead signer

-A kid in the bodymod community

-“Supernova”ing: the battle of the bands scene

-The Anti-Warped Tour Pin Up

-Cheerleader 666: pre Crystal Castles

-Robin Black as glam gateway

-Toilet Boys

-The Sinisters

-Going to the Bovine

-Being 15 and hanging at the after-hours clubs


-Getting a job at MTV and moving to New York

-Ratt hits No Warning like a bomb.

-Heroes becoming peers

-The On-Going History of New Music

-Building a scene

-A city with two scenes

-“There is music and then there is the lifestyle”

-The problem with Motley Crue’s The Dirt

-Slaughter vs Slaughter

-Playing with Slash

-and more!!!!!

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