The Soul in Social Work – Dr Peter Westoby

Jun 30, 2016, 09:08 PM

Slow down. Do less. But do BETTER and change the world. In this episode, seasoned community work thinker and practitioner, Dr Peter Westoby, shares his knowledge of the central role of soul in creating social impact:

What is social work, and how communities can come together to collaborate, educate, and create social change.

Why soul is key to in-depth, intimate connections to our world, and why this not only matters to community workers, but everyone that wants beter relationships.

How Peter got Australian national treasure Michael Leunig to contribute to his latest book.

Peter will be launching his book in West End, Brisbane, in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait for the launch? No problem! You can buy ‘Creating Us: Community Work with Soul’ here:

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