Autonomous Vehicles & the Future of Car Dealerships. @bbenstock,@Paragon_Honda & @Paragon_Acura, NY.

Jun 25, 2016, 05:14 AM

06-24-2016 (Photo: “The immediate projected impact is to reduce the number of traffic accidents (including fatalities) by as much as 80%. The cost of such safety undoubtedly comes at a price that means the vehicle will NEVER break the speed limit, so you will have to plan extra time to complete you journey. Of course Google seems to be more open about their testing of autonomous vehicles and arguable are ahead of Apple in the race to bring out their offerings.” Twitter: @BatchelorShow

Autonomous Vehicles & the Future of Car Dealerships. Brian Benstock, Paragon Honda & Paragon Accura, NY. @bbenstock @ParagonHonda & @ParagonAcura.

“The larger question, and perhaps issue for society to think about…What’s the impact of Disruptive Technology on the automobile industry? What’s the significance of Apple and Google entering the automobile market? Why did Google recently hire a senior executive from, an auto retail Web site? While Elon Musk and Tesla are media darlings… What will Tesla’s direct-to-consumer business model do to dealerships in the next 5 – 10 years?”