Episode 85 - Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits)

Jun 25, 2016, 03:36 PM

This week Walter from Dead Heavens, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits, World’s Fastest Car, Civ, Warzone, Project X, Vanishing Life, Walking Concert, Moondog, and Youth Of Today is on the show. And it’s all core talk all the time. Which includes:

-Walter being the one that got away -Seeing a Kids Are All Right and Rock & Roll High School -The cool uncle -Finding End Of The Century -Moving to Queens and seeing Kraut Stickers -Kraut on MTV -“Is the band Closer or Joy Division?” -Being into music is hard work! -The sickness of the early REM -Searching for something -Going to high school and getting the best 7” collection ever for free -Hearing Minor Threat 7” -“This is happening now?!?” -“That whole squad dipped”: Hardcore first wave ends in 1984 -Husker Du -The Hardcore kids hanging outside the Con Edison building -Getting a job and meeting Arthur -Right place, wrong time -Going to Webster Hall for big shows -GBH -Dead Kennedy's -Not finding what you are hungry for different -Having the Urban Waste test press -The Outsiders breakdown of New York Hardcore -Ditto from Major Conflict -Finding out about Youth Of Today -“We can work with this!” -Straight Ahead -Seeing Timmy Chunks at the DK’s show -7 Seconds -Uniform Choice -Revelation Records hits the suburbs -Angel Dust Vibe -Youth Of Today: Gentrifying NYHC -Getting into playing music -Almost going ska -Joining Warzone -Watching the new scene being born -Altercation: “They were scary dude” -Rev-effect -The New Breed -Feeling at home at ABC No Rio -Touring changes you -Empire Records -and so much more!!!!!!