07-01-2016 Granato and Raheel with Del Hour 2

Jul 01, 2016, 05:05 PM

The second hour of Granato and Raheel with Del starts out with NBA free agency talks. While John was out, Raheel went over free agency notes and the guys talk about what gift you would give a player to try and sway them. The guys call in Julia Morales of Root Sports to talk Astros, but she is in the process of getting her hair done during the interview. John wants to talk to Julia’s hairdresser, so Shayna gets on the air before the guys jump in to figuring out what’s clicking with the Astros. The lineup is getting hot right and the bullpen is in a good place leading up to the All Star Break. John and Raheel close out the show with saying sorry. Listeners call in to apologize after John says he’s sorry for being gone all of next week. #GRD #NBA #JuliaMorales #BrazilianBlowout #Sorry