Edgar Street pitch 'better than last year'

Jul 02, 2016, 03:17 PM

The Hereford FC groundsman Ben Bowen believes the Edgar Street pitch is now in a much better condition than this time last year.

Work began back on the 7th of May with the removal of the top surface and a newly relaid pitch installed.

This afternoon a delighted Bowen said, "We're into the seventh week of growth now, and during that time we've used three fertilisers and a growth regulator which has bulked the pitch out.

"The weather has been great. We've had four inches of rain in six weeks, and yet this time last year the temperature reached 35 degrees which absolutely ruined the pitch.

"This season we're trying to improve the root structure and I'm sure with the 90 tonne of top dressing we've put on we will get a better playing surface than last year.

"However, we still have issues with the lateral drains and so it remains an intense job getting it right."

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