Catch The Jew! by Tuva Tenenbom. @tenenbom

Jul 04, 2016, 01:22 AM

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Catch The Jew! by Tuva Tenenbom. @tenenbom

Those interested in the Middle East conflict gain an entirely new, surprising, and often disturbing insider's perspective of just how unlikely peace really is, in Tenenbom's remarkable six-month account of his journey to all corners of the Holy Land. Born in Israel to an ultra-orthodox family, Tenenbom (I Sleep in Hitler's Room) left to pursue a career in journalism and theater, living in Germany and the United States. Posing mostly as a German, he returns to Israel after 33 years with a plan to observe and experience the people, the culture, and the prospects for peace. Presenting himself as a German or an Israeli journalist, depending on the situation, he interacts with Haredim, Knesset members, Israeli media, Jews living in disputed areas, right and left-wing Israelis, Arab leaders, PLO leaders, Bedouins, European "peace researchers," and prostitutes. Tenenbom's conclusions, many of which he arrives at while playing his dangerous charade, are bone-chilling and disheartening. His riveting tale, chock full of unbelievable and hilarious encounters, is highly engaging and emotional, eminently readable, brutally honest, and likely the most uncensored and eye-opening report readers will see. --STAR review, Publishers Weekly

Catch the Jew! is an illuminating and alarming account of a part of the promised land that few foreigners see. Catch the Jew! offers one of the more interesting portraits of Palestinian politics to have appeared in English. ... the current Palestinian leadership appears fairly shrewd (though apparently not shrewd enough to perform background checks on visitors), nepotistic, obsessed with theatrical PR productions of alleged Israeli crimes, but also surprisingly satisfied with the status quo. That said, no reader of Catch the Jew! can come away having failed to learn many new things about Israelis and Palestinians, two peoples we talk about so much but understand so little.--Neil Rogachevsky, The Wall Street Journal The book is amazing. It beautifully deconstructs the current culture of the Israel-hating crowd, from within and without Israel...Every page has examples of malicious Europeans, lying Arabs and clueless (or self-hating) Israeli Jews...The entire situation is quite literally theater, where everyone plays their parts and everyone denies the obvious - because the truth would destroy the illusions that so many people have invested their lives in. Tenenbom's genius is to expose the obvious to the players themselves, who react with anger or denial. Their world is surrounded with like-minded unthinking drones and they cannot abide a truth-teller, often reacting by accusing Tuvia of being a Jew.--Elderofziyon Blog

Catch the Jew! is filled with such realizations, small and large. It is at once a breezily written travelogue and a voyage through the political landscape, spotted with ideological landmines at every step. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about Israel, you ll meet people you never knew existed and you ll have fun getting to know them. --Jewish News Service,

Tenenbom's insights are sharp and clear ...Tenenbom has a captivating personality and he is extraordinarily funny what Tenenbom has to tell us, without bias. We don't have the privilege not to know. --Einat Talmon, Haaretz