Grow with Purpose, Episode 18, The Art of Listening

Jul 09, 2016, 11:15 AM

In the noisy world that is constantly being bombarded with billions of Gigabytes of information every minute, is it surprising that it's difficult to hear yourself think?

So how the heck do you hear what others have to say?

During this episode, you'll discover the key reasons why our world is so conflicted both at a personal level as well as in your entrepreneurial world. Our guest, Colin Smith, will be discussing the key reasons why developing the art of listening transforms relationships across the board. If you're looking to transform the impact you have as an entrepreneur or you want to enhance any relationship, then you'll get some great value from this episode of the Grow with Purpose podcast.

Colin Smith, a.k.a. 'The Listener', provides a safe space, for you to just be yourself, to allow whatever arises to be spoken, and for it to be received openly without judgement. His clients come to him because they may wish to explore new ideas, deepen their thinking, articulate their ambitions. Alternatively, you may choose to sit in silence, a chance to stop, draw breath and recharge, or to share some of your feelings about something, a person, an event. To find out more about Colin, visit:

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