Episode 87 - Arish Khan (King Khan & The Shrines, King Khan & BBQ, Spaceshits)

Jul 11, 2016, 08:50 PM

This is the type of guest you have a podcast like this for! This week on the show Damian is in the presence of Rock Royalty: King Khan is the guest on this weeks Turned Out A Punk!!! This is one of the great ones with someone that has carved his own path in music and life. From Tarot cards with Jodorowsky, to pasta, to Anti Flag stealing his credit card as straight edge revenge... THIS ONE HAS IT ALL!!!!!

Also covered: -The most intimidating live performer on earth -Sharting on stage -The Epileptics: Pre-Clone Defects -Musique Plus plus the Ramones and it all begins -Hearing “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” and “Maggie You C*nt" at lunch at school -Having a good teacher -Understanding family drug addiction through William Burroughs -The origins of the goddess Kali -54-40 are awesome!!! In one of our options -Getting a fake ID from the government! -New Bomb Turks for a first show -Meeting the Spits -Long Gone John calls up -The Tricky Woo beef unfolding in Vice -Having a Wu name -A cooking show with Bobby Seale -Meeting Captain Sensible -Snorting metal dust -Taking the Deadly Snakes on tour and it changed everyones lives -AntiFlag stealing your credit card -“What’s wrong with flags?” -TO Punks snitching -Robotripping with Max Danger carrying around a briefcase full of rocks -Finding a painting and it leading to marriage -Meeting Jodorowsky and a mentor -Reading tarot cards -Discovering Spiritual Jazz -The importance of Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!