Episode Seventeen - Which missing players could have changed the outcome of Euro 2016?

Jul 13, 2016, 01:17 AM

In a week where Ronaldo proved that he can sit on the sidelines while his team win a major international tournament, the Team are back together to flick away the moth that is the world of football.

Having run out of matches to try and persuade ourselves that international football is actually worthwhile, we find ourselves in a post-tournament malaise where we try to understand how Joe Allen made it into the UEFA team of the tournament before giving up, firing up our smartphones and losing ourselves in the world of Pokemon GO where at least some old comforts remain unchanged in the face of this Brave New World we find ourselves in. Why, we are left asking, has this competition been so bad? Our question this week wonders whether or not this has anything to do with omitted players: we Which missing players could have changed the outcome of Euro 2016?

Before that though, in accordance with the rulings of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, the team discuss a number of talking points from the previous week in football:

Having torn himself away from reading articles about Ivan Perisic in The Blizzard in a museli bar in Shoreditch, Paddy is back to talk about England managers. With the news that Allardyce is entering talks with the FA, he wonders whether the choice between Klinsmann and Big Sam is any choice at all.

One of the biggest faults of this podcast is undoubtedly the poor standard of the content that it contains. Fortunately enough for us, a saviour is at hand – Calum ‘Epic Content’ Macleod joins us today to talk about the Chinese Super League. As the migration Eastwards gains momentum, Calum wonders if this will change the Western form of the game irrevocably.

Robin, who we picked up out of the gutter, tidied up and plonked in front of a microphone for this episode, wants to talk Marcelo Bielsa. Not content with having left Marseilles after the opening game of his second season, Bielsa has now out Bielsa-ed Bielsa and has left Lazio before a game had even been played. Robin asks what is next for everyone’s favourite hipster manager.

All this and much more beside in this week’s episode of A Team of John O’Sheas.