Home-Swapping. Holiday For Free! Hear Advice From 3 Leading Agencies

Jul 13, 2016, 02:22 PM

Fancy a free holiday? We try and find you a low-cost or no cost break each week. Today, the concept of home-swapping. The name says it all. You exchange properties with someone elsewhere in Britain or anywhere in the world. We talk with three of the leading companies. Do you have to live in a nice town or have a fancy home? No! Hear audio from our www.Greatdestinationsradioshow.com feature, here.

For more information, look up either Homebase, Homelink and Love Homeswap online. #Homeswapping #Homebase #Homelink #Lovehomeswap #swaphomes #FreeHolidays #travel #vacation @GDradioshow