Crystal Peak CEO hails “highest quality” study consultants

Jul 15, 2016, 12:45 PM

Fertiliser group Crystal Peak Minerals Inc (CVE:CPM) recently moved a step closer to completing the key feasibility study for its project on the Sevier Playa in Utah, USA, after it announced the consultants that would work on the report. The firm has hired CH2M Engineers Inc, Norwest Corporation and Novopro Projects to complete the NI43-1O1 report and technical study. Speaking exclusively to Proactive, Crystal Peak’s chief executive, Lance D’Ambrosio, is convinced that it has the best companies for the job on board. “We believe that is the highest quality group that we could possibly find to advance the project through our definitive feasibility stage,” D’Ambrosio says. He also says that work is already underway, and expects the study to shed some light on the extraction plan and recharge system at the Sevier Playa, as well as how the salts will be processed and refined. D’Ambrosio expects the results of the study to be published in around a year’s time. “Our forecast right now [for the results to be published] is about 12 months from where we’re at today, so we’re looking at the late first half of next year.”