Collagen Solutions focusing on commercial development

Jul 15, 2016, 02:26 PM

Jamal Rushdy, the newly appointed chief executive of Collagen Solutions PLC (LON:COS), says the company has “a pretty clear vision of going into the regenerative materials space” which will be achieved through the alignment of component companies plus “great technologies, great market space, great teams.” The medical technology specialist has been created through three legacy businesses, and Rushdy says future commercial development will be achieved by building sales and marketing teams in country, in a number of regions instead of responding to enquiries and relying on word of mouth.

China is a long term ambition of the company which is developing a small collagen based plug used in arthroscopic orthopaedic surgery to treat certain cases of osteoarthritis.

Currently, Rushdy says the greatest growth potential is seen in Collagen’s existing market in South Korea and "we’ve barely touched some of the other countries in Asia Pacific that we see some opportunity for growth as well.” #collagen solutions, #jamal Rushdy, #regenerative, #materials, #South korea, #China, #medical, #technology, #commercial, #orthopaedic, #osteoarthritis